In a world where everyone potentially owns a camera whether via their cell phones or affordable dslrs why do we still need photographers?

First, amateurs rarely share photos. Typically, they will post a select few on social media but will hardly ever send to family and friends to post or print.

Second, everyone can take a picture, but a professional photographer has an eye to capture everyone at their best or be able to present the best photo.

Third, who wants to spend their time at their party or event capturing photos instead of mingling and enjoying the festivities?

RK Creative Studio offers several photography services to help capture the important moments. We know a picture says a thousand words. That’s why RK Creative Studio doesn’t just take photos, we tell stories.

We tell stories through:

Standard Photography – Portraits, headshots, events

Fine Art Photography – Artistic pieces

Vignette Photo Booths – Open back drop photo booths great for weddings, events, and family parties.

RK Creative Studio offers affordability with quality. Unlike other studios, we deliver our portrait and fine art photos fully edited and print ready.  We create a unique and customizable experience and deliver our final product in a timely manner.

So tell us, how can we we help tell your story?