Beyond Auto - Photography Class

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Learn how to manipulate light and time to achieve the photos you want. Great class for the hobbyist or those who want to explore the world of photography. This is a 5 week course with the option of a meeting in person or via online. Topics include camera essentials, exposure, depth of field, composition, posing, and more. New units will be posted each Monday in the Facebook group during the course. Class will be on Tuesdays at the studio or available live via Zoom.  A full schedule will be emailed a week prior to the course beginning.


16 or older (unless attending with an adult)

Own or have access to a DSLR camera with SD or CF Card

Basic computer skills (you will be emailing in assignments, watching videos, and/or talking to instructor online)

Know how to retrieve photos from SD or CF card


Course starts on June 4th 6:00p - 8pm MST (Tuesdays) and will end on July 2nd. You can attend the course in person or via online. Units will be released on Tuesdays with assignments due by Monday before the next session. (ie. 1st assignment will be due June 10th).

Cost: $175 and includes class materials, 1-to-1 follow up, invitation to the class Facebook group, and 3 hours of studio rental.

Retouching Portraits - Photoshop Class

Learn how to use Photoshop to retouch and refine images. Discover techniques to accurately adjust skin tones, non-destructively fix skin and hair textures, use Liquify sparingly to make adjustments, and other tips to make your portraits pop. This is a 1-day online class.


16 or older (Younger students can attend with parent permission and verification)

Basic computer skills

Beginner knowledge of Photoshop (how to open a new file, create layers, and save files)


Cost: $150 (includes class materials, invitation to the class Facebook Group, and 1-on-1 follow up, and $50 off a future Photoshop course.)

Please fill out the information below to register for a RK Creative Studio class. Confirmations and invoices will be emailed within 1 business day of receiving registration.